NHS App Services

Repeat Prescriptions

You can easily choose where your prescriptions are sent and
order at a time that suits you with the NHS App.

First, you will need to download and register on the app. Ask
a member of your GP surgery’s team for the ‘Getting started
with the NHS App’ leaflet or visit: NHS App Support


Features for Hospital appointments

If you are having any issues with viewing or managing your hospital appointments, please contact the NHS App service desk or view the NHS App help and support guidance 

If a patient is aged 16-17, they may not be able to view or manage some of their hospital appointments. This is because some NHS trusts require patients to be aged 18 or over to access these appointments.

The NHS App provides patients with a single place where they can view and manage their hospital referrals and appointments.

The current NHS App features for hospital referrals and appointments are: